Who is winning the smartphone war?

– RIM has the largest share of the smartphone market, but Android has been the fastest growing smart phone in the last 6 months. Nokia is the company that has sold most phones worldwide but Apple is the one that has the most income.smartphone war

So what is the company that is winning this the smartphone war? Different indicators show different companies at the top. What is the most appropriate and what ideas can give us a long term view?

Asymco, a company specializing in market intelligence, has its own proposal to clarify the picture. For them, Apple is eliminating Nokia, while RIM is winning the game compared to Sony Ericsson. The same applies in the case of Samsung and Motorola.

smartphone dominanceAnother important information Asymco offers is how they have changed positions since 2007. The chart on the side shows the positions of the companies linking the revenue and market share and how they have changed in just 3 years. Nokia went from being the undisputed leader in 2007 to be a company with serious issues. Apple came to earn money and not much market share, and the other companies are looking to change that.

What is clear is that today there is a large dominant in the market of smartphones. There is no Windows in the smart phone market, which is why there is so much current uncertainty.

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