Twitter in Spanish grew 736% on its first year

– On its Spanish blog version, Twitter celebrated its first year in Spanish, with a big number: the number of users in Latin America (excluding Brazil) and Spain grew by 736%.

In absolute numbers, this percentage does not say much, as the microblogging platform is careful not to give specifics on the number of users in the countries, but it confirms that the region is one of the strongest in the world when it comes to adopting it.

Twitter barely provides the total number of registered users, which increased from 58 million at the end of 2009 to 105 million users in April this year and 145 million in August, reaching 175 million by the end of October.

While growth in Latin America is impressive, in the U.S., where users are more profitable and drive increased advertising revenue, Twitter seems to have stalled. Business Insider says that 370,000 new users are added daily to the network, but mostly from countries outside the United States.

Things like the earthquake in Chile, the electoral campaign in the first semester in Colombia and the arrival of Hugo Chavez, who just completed his first million followers.

Twitter rankings

A first ranking done by comScore in June 2010, results stated that the greatest Twitter penetration is in Venezuela, 19%, as a leader in the Spanish language and third worldwide after Indonesia and Brazil. In the region followed by Mexico (13.4%), Chile (13.2%), Argentina (10.5%) and Colombia (9.6%).

That same month, Royal Pingdom presented a report on the regions of the world where Twitter was growing fastest, Latin America and Asia. And in our region, it emphasized that Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela are the fastest growing, in that order.

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