Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks’ Assange dropped

Swedish authorities have have dropped an arrest warrant against Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, on Saturday, this warrant was in place for less than a day and included a rape charge, as stated by the country’s Law enforcement.

“There is no reason to suspect him of raping anyone” ,stated Eva Finne, the Swedish attorney general. However, the prosecution spokesman, Karin Rosander, said that other charges of sexual abuse still stand although they are not serious enough to be worthy of an arrest warrant, according to NBC.

Assange, who visited the country last week – which also hosts Wikileaks web servers – has categorically denied the accusations, and made clear that this is an attempt to discredit him after having earned the enmity of the U.S. government when the site last July, published over 70,000 classified military documents.

“It is quite interesting that these charges appear right now,” said a Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyether. “Police have not been contacted and the charges are false,” the prosecutor said before the warrant became public.

After the warrant became public, on Wikileaks official Twitter page, once Assange knew of the charges, he stated that they were “baseless” but acknowledged that “the whole issue is deeply disturbing”.

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