Super Super Mario Bros 25 years in the video game market

– In 1985, Nintendo started offering this popular version of the game that added popularity to the heroic plumber.

Mario 25 years ago started the struggle to rescue his beloved from the clutches of a on screen villain “Super Mario Bros’, a version that forever changed the world of video games and is still garnering critical and commercial success thanks to many different new versions.

The interactive entertainment industry was in big hole when, on September 13, 1985, Nintendo released this title that changed both in substance and in form the video game and revolutionized the gaming industry.

“It was a curious concept yet very addictive that changed almost all the guidelines for subsequent games for consoles: it added the concept of searching for stars, the scoring concept and advancing through differenet stages,” says the creator of ‘Commandos 2’ and an expert in video games, Gonzo Suarez.

Mario already existed before the birth of ‘Super Mario Bros’: his character appeared in ‘Donkey Kong’ (1981), an arcade title starring a giant ape that kidnaps the plumber’s beloved, then called ‘Jumpman’, and has a hard time avoiding all kinds of objects which the gorilla throws at him.

The “grace and charisma” of the little hero stole the limelight from the gorilla and catapulted him to become a “global phenomenon” and of course an emblem for Nintendo, said Suarez.

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