25% of Spanish population watches TV on their PC’s

Satellite TV to PC

Satellite TV to PC

25% of the Spanish population between 16 and 74 years are watching TV programs online on their computers and PCs, according to the third Digital Content report by Asimelec. For satellite TV to PC info, click here.

The traditional Spanish music market generated revenues of 192.2 million euros in 2009, down 20.7% compared to 2008. In five years has a cumulative decrease of 58%.

The digital music sales grew 10.6% in 2009 (34.4 million euros), 15.2% of the record market, when the world average is 27%. MP3 players sold in 2009 were 650,000, while MP4 units fell for the first time under two million (1.84 million). By contrast, smartphone unit sales skyrocketed to 2.26 million in 2009 from 720,000 units in 2008.

Movie and TV show sales and rentals and hardware decreased by 35.4% to 112.51 million euros. Faced with declines in DVD players and laptops (14.8% and 18.9%, respectively), the market is betting on Blu-Ray, which resulted in a 87% growth over 2008, reaching 12.79 million euros.

Revenues from pay per view and video on demand services, pay TV (satellite, cable and ITPV) fell 46.85% and reached 129.58 million euros in 2009. Event rentals by VoD and PPV decreased by 34% in 2009, highlights are decreases in football (-50.5%) and movies (-17.3%).

Revenues from video game hardware sales were in 2009 of 638 million euros, which means a decrease of 14.2% over 2008, the first in five years. Video game consoles showed a decline of 13.7% (581 million euros in 2009), and PC games were cut by 18.6% (57 million euros). The number of video games sold in 2009 was 18.1 million (-11.3%), a decrease of 9.1% for consoles and 20.7% for PC.

In a landscape of audience fragmentation, due to the end of TV digitization, and a reduction in advertising spending, more users are accessing TV content via the Internet. In fact, according to the ASIMELEC report, 25.2% of the population between 16 and 74 are obtaining TV content via the Internet.

One growing and very popular method is to obtain satellite TV programs on PCs and computers, providing satellite content available from tens of countries directly on existing PC’s. For more information click here.

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