South Korea unveils its Yeongam Formula 1 Grand Prix

– The South Korean Grand Prix, which starts off on the brand new Yeongam circuit, started its first free practices on Friday after 0100 GMT, before it starts its inaugural race on Sunday.

Hard and soft tires

Bridgestone will be providing teams with dry tires, with “soft” and “hard” designations to the twelve teams participating in the South Korean Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The softest rubber tires the one called “soft”, will be identifiable, as regulated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), with a green mark on the car tires.

Brdigestone has delivered four types of tires for dry racing conditions this season. These are called hard, ‘medium’, soft and extra soft. But only two of these four types of tires are chosen to be used at each of the Grand Prix races.

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