Sony & Toshiba: 3D TV without the glasses

– Sony Corp. is developing 3D TVs that do not require special glasses, they are competing with rival Toshiba Corp., although there are technological and financial obstacles before they can put the innovation on the market.

Toshiba also announced this week they are developing a 3D TV without glasses, but has not yet decided when it will be placed on the market. These new 3D TVs would be a market first, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese Newspaper.

The technology is based on the transmission of different images at various angles to create an illusion of dimension and depth, so seeing these 3D images does not cause eye strain.

Current 3D TVs on sale, such as Panasonic Corp. and Sony Corp., need special glasses, but there are already displays that do not need them, but they are used mainly for promotion and they require the viewer to stand in a specific position and the image quality is much lower then the one provided by 3D TVs with glasses.

Viewing 3D TV without glasses “is much more convenient” says Sony Executive Vice President, Yoshihisa Ishida, at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo. ”But we need to take into account the price before we consider making it available.”

Sony introduced its new 3D products for the Japanese market, including flat screen TVs and Blu-ray.

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