Sony Ericsson launches new Xperia X8 smartphone

– The fourth largest global cellphone producer Sony Ericsson said it would add another smartphone to its lineup in the fast growing market as it tries to consolidate its recent return to profits.

Sony Ericsson has seen its market share decrease in recent quarters, partly due to a lack of attractive models of smart phones, devices with multimedia features, Internet and similar to a personal computer.

The company, said on Wednesday that it will launch its new model Xperia X8 in the third quarter.

The phone, cheaper than the Sony Ericsson flagship, the X10, uses an Android operating system has a three-inch touch screen and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The smart phones were the highlight for the dismal market last year, and industry researcher Gartner said the market will grow 46 percent this year from the 172.4 million phones sold in 2009, driven by cheap models.

However, competition in the smartphone segment is fierce.

Sony Ericsson also said its phones X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro will have their software updated in the third quarter to offer more benefits.

The company said the phones would be updated to work with the Android operating system version 2.1. The Xperia X10 will also be able to record HD video, while another update will let it connect wirelessly and display content on a television screen.

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