Schumacher’s return to Formula 1 was a big mistake

– Flavio Briatore, previous manager of the Benetton and Renault teams, made the statement to the German press, where he regrets the return of the seven time world champion to the races.

“He believed at the time he signed the contract that he was making a good decision, but I think he realized from the first training sessions that it was a big mistake,” said Briatore to the German reporters on Wednesday.

“At that point in time, he noticed that the young drivers were super-fast and were also motivated. At 41, Michael, simply can not compete with (Nico) Rosberg and company, he added, alluding the new batch of Formula 1 competitors.

Briatore who won the first two Schumacher world titles in 1994 and 1995, stated on an Austrian Internet website that “Schumi”, in ninth position on the chart with 46 points at times it is “painful”.

On the other hand, Briatore, who is banned from working in Formula 1 until December 31, 2012, for his involvement in an accident caused by Brazilian Nelson Piquet Junior at the Singapore Grand Prix 2008, said he has no intention to return to the discipline.

“I want enjoy my job, that is my motivator, and in the current Formula 1, I will get no satisfaction”, he said.

On this subject, Briatore spoke extensively in an interview published Wednesday on the website

“I won seven titles with different teams,” he recalled speaking to the media, before noting that it’s “hard” to consider returning to the discipline, although it represents a “large part” of his life.

“I now watch the races as a normal spectator near the tracks, but mainly in front of the television,” said Briatore.

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