Santander awarded TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice

The city of Santander has been awarded the “Traveler’s Choice” by TripAdvisor as one of the favorite destinations for European tourists, reports Santander’s City Council.

In a statement, the Councilwoman for Tourism, Gema Same, says that this award and the fact that the city is located among Europe’s favorite destinations “shows that Santander is now fashionable”, which also explains the hotel occupancy levels.

“Santander is fashionable and has also shown that as a city it is prepared to host large events,” remarked the Councilwoman, who noted that the Cantabrian capital is “offers abundant cultural and leisure options” and this has helped boost hotel occupancy and this serves as the motor for tourism at a large scale.

Gema also stated that this is a very good summer for Santander’s hoteliers, this is backed by hotel occupancy data, which, if this season’s trend continues, will be three points higher than last year.

“The Web site award from TripAdvisor just emphasizes this trend, which places us as one of the top 25 destinations in Spain for European travelers, which is also helping to promote our city,” she stated. EFE-Cantabria

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