Ryanair wants you to travel standing up (almost)

– Ryanair’s chairman Michael O’Leary proposes a special seat design that would kick off a new seating method called ‘class rider’ in their airplanes.

The design was created by Italian company Aviointeriors, who invented vertical seats, called Skyrider, and are promoted as seats that allow passengers to stand up during flights without having to leave their place.

Each seat is separated from the on in front by almost 60 centimeters. Of course, for the time being the proposal is only that, a proposal, and if it is to become a reality, it must pass a series of tests that will ensure the safety of the passengers traveling in them.

“We are confident that this concept will be attractive for some carriers due to economic reasons,” said the director of Aviointeriors Group, Dominique Menoud, as he stated to USA Today. “For flights from one to three hours, this is a comfortable seat,”, Menoud stated, and added that “cowboys ride horseback for 8 straight hours”.

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