Recovery of the Military Macaw

As part of the Earth Day Celebration at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, on April 23, volunteers and guests toured Rancho El Santuario to participate in the installation of a new nest for the native blueberry, one of the The largest and most colorful parrots in the Americas, the Military Guacamayo, which in 2012 lost a significant part of its breeding territory and with this initiative is expected to recover its space in the region.

Those of you lucky enough to live in the Vallarta Region or are visiting can experience the thrill of birdwatching at Rancho “El Santuario”. A guided tour is only 200 pesos per person for groups of three or more, otherwise a minimum amount of 500 pesos is charged for individuals or couples. Tours can be booked by calling (322) 223-6234 or by sending an email to novaapv (at)


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