Quito, named American Cultural Capital for 2011

– The International Bureau of Cultural Capitals (IBOCC) has informed today, that Quito has been chosen as American Capital of Culture 2011, hoping that it will show itself as a local reference point and that this will help promoting the city to the world.

Javier Tudela, IBOCC representative, signed the official document together with Quito’s mayor, Augusto Barrera, at an event in which he reviewed the history of the cultural capital and the benefits that stem from such a designation.

Quito is a city with more than two million inhabitants and has the largest, least altered and best preserved historic downtown in all of America, according to Quito’s municipal representatives.

The appointment was made official on the same day Quito celebrates its 32nd anniversary since being named World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

Tudela, born in Barcelona (Spain), noted that the designation will result in Quito being promoted on over 3,000 ads on channels Antena 3 and Discovery Channel, which reaches millions of people “and will let the world know and recognize Quito for what it is,” he said.

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