Puerto Vallarta expects more tourists despite adversity

Landslides due to rains, Mexicana’s bankrupcy and outbreaks of conjunctivitis could affect the number of visitors coming to Puerto Vallarta

– The good news is that the roads connecting Puerto Vallarta with Nayarit and Mascota have been improved, so there is hope that visitors from surrounding areas will grow stated Promotion Director of the Secretariat of Tourism of Jalisco (Setujal), Miguel Gonzalez.

But the bad news is that the commercial sector are not as optimistic when it comes to the projections and estimates of the leader of the National Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara (CANACO), the arrival of tourists to the resort will be lower than in other years.

“Unfortunately there are two things that concern us and which we believe are affecting in an adverse fashion: one, Mexicana, and another, landslides and a fallen bridge. Many families choose not to go to Puerto Vallarta because it’s too far away by land,” said Miguel Alfaro Aranguren.

He regretted that a lot of people are not able to get to Vallarta due to the circumstances “it’s a particularly difficult time for Puerto Vallarta, because last summer did not meet local employer’s and hotel’s expectations.”

The conjunction of these elements directly affect Jalisco’s main beach destination, the closure of Mexicana Airlines is a significant blow, because the other airline that flies to Vallarta increased the airfare prices.

Now add another factor against Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, they are currently suffering an outbreak of conjunctivitis, which is why the Health Ministry of Jalisco (SSJ) insisted tourists should increase hygiene measures.

Alfonso Petersen Farah, head of the agency, asked the travelers to wash their hands constantly, and informed that “conjunctivitis is an endemic disease, which is always present and exists throughout the world, with periods of higher incidence.”

He stressed that it is a condition “benign” with sickness lifespan of five to seven days, and that mainly affects the carrier with eye irritation.

Hotel occupancy in the recent summer period had a statewide average of 57.6%, which is an increase of 1.9% compared to 2009. In Puerto Vallarta the occupancy level was 64.9%, which represented a 4.3% decrease compared to 2009, explained by a decline in visitors from the North part of the country (due to Hurricane Alex) and the Mexicana Airline crisis.

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