Psychiatrists define Chavez as narcissistic, histrionic, vain & unscrupulous

– Spanish Newspaper ‘ABC’ interviewed psychiatry experts and requested they review Hugo Chavez’s (the president of Venezuela) personality.

Hugo Chavez, who has been nearly 12 years in power, is well known for his excesses. In 2005, for example, the social democratic political party Acción Democrática (AD), tried to have Chavez removed from office based on “mental insanity”. However, neither the Venezuelan Supreme Court nor the Attorney General allowed that this accusation to prosper.

Among the different reviews, the one offered by psychologist and psychotherapist Mary Bustamante stands out, she states that Chavez “is a person that constantly needs to be admired, he worries over his fantasies of power and seems to not understand the need of setting limits, he lacks a sense of proportion, considers himself special and unique, there is no institution that deserves his respect, demands excessive admiration and always in a public fashion.”

Another of its features, highlighted by the experts consulted by the Spanish newspaper, is his need to attract the attention and to not respect any rules. This is why, according to Bustamante, the president has arrogant attitudes, is envious, self-righteous and abusive.

Furthermore, according to the specialist, Chavez “transforms anyone who thinks differently into a despicable enemy and almost always speaks from a elevated position with a regal self-righteous tone.”

On the other hand, experts also point out his histrionic ability, his acting ability and success in manipulating the masses.

Colonel Orlando Suarez, former budget director in the Ministry of Defense and former professor of Chavez, said his ease in the performing arts was obtained at the Military Academy where he practiced theater.

The colonel also said that when he was teaching skydiving in 1983 and 1984, Chavez would be overcome with fear before any jump. He was always looking for an excuse not to do so. He is a coward by nature,” he said. Regarding his past, the article also notes that at the Military Academy he was always in the last places of each promotion and had to repeat one year to graduate.

For his part, Professor of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at the Central University of Venezuela, Silvio Pomenta Eloy, agreed that Chavez is a character marked by narcissism.

According Pomenta, this feature expresses itself in exhibitionism, omnipotence delusions, a low self-esteem, an inability to love, loss of the sense of reality, anger and destructive envy.

The psychiatrist José Luis Uzcategui, author of ‘Chávez el mago de las emociones’ (Chavez the magician of emotions), states that the president “has been trapped in a psychological structure that is completely outdated,” making reference to Fidel Castro.

Uzcátegui warns that “that’s where the danger lies. There is a type of socialism that is only for an antisocial. They create their own brand of Socialism to perpetuate themselves in power. Chavez governs within an updated modern dictatorship.”

This type of complaints, on the Venezuelan President’s mental health have been argued on since 2002, when the then-president of the Venezuelan Society of Psychiatry, Franzel Delgado Senior, warned the country on Chavez’s personality disorder.

Franzel, also accuses Chavez of leading a sort of sect and concludes that “psychopaths always fear attacks. They talk about assassinations. He does not either like being called a dictator. But I can’t see his as democratic, I see him just like any other dictator.”

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