Nintendo’s WiiU, a new game console

After being a little more than five years on the market, Nintendo today unveiled the replacement for the Wii console, dubbed WiiU.

The new Nintendo WiiU console from the Japanese company has an innovative joystick equipped with a 6.2-inch touch screen, speakers, microphone, camera and a gyroscope. With the new control features, gamers can play displaying images on a TV in HD format, on the joystick or both at once.

Nintendo claims that the players’ seeking a more intense gaming experience with the sensation of holding a solid command, with many possibilities, so it is necessary to hold it with both hands.

“This is a new command infinitely complex and perfectly simple at the same time that will change the way users interact with the console” Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime stated.

The device is compatible with the traditional Wii games and its controls, so that the current owners of the game console unit may continue to enjoy the old titles on the new Wii U.

Nintendo has not revealed the price of equipment, but according to the company, the console will hit stores between April and December of 2012.

As reported in Guardian UK , the U.S. Wii is equipped with Full HD support, but the joystick display is not in HD. The console also features internal flash memory, expandable with SD cards. In addition, games can be downloaded from the Internet or reproduced from optical devices.

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