New images of the miners trapped in Chile

With long beards and weak, mine workers smile and show the facilities in which they have lived the last 21 days underground in the mine.

SANTIAGO .- Last night new and shocking images were broadcast of the 33 miners that remain trapped underground at San Jose, Chile, since last August 5.

In the video, which was obtained by the government teams, thin and with long beards, the workers greet and send messages to their families and friends.

One worker acts as presenter and shows us around the facilities where they’ve been the last 21 days. He shows us shelves, cupboards, tables and their drink water. He says, “we keep everything well organized, here’s our domino, this is where we have fun, we hold a meeting each day where we plan and here we pray,” he then shows “a cup to wash our teeth. We have basic hygiene,” he states, while other miners greet in the background.

All the miners that appear in the video, which has already been seen by their families, are with bare upper-bodies, most of them look tired, but in good spirits.

The recording lasts around 45 minutes and was shown more than once on a big screen that was placed in the vicinity of what was the entrance to the San Jose site, so that their families could also see the movie.

Almost at the end of the 45 minutes of footage, the 33 mine workers enthusiastically sing the Chilean national anthem and shout: “Viva Chile, Viva the miners.”

In the table, a domino game which the miners apparently use to kill time as they await their rescue which will take about one hundred days.

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