New Cabo San Lucas Marina Webcam

– Cabo San Lucas is well known as a high-end tourist destination in Baja California, Mexico. Hollywood stars and sport celebrities frequent this beach destination, luxury resorts and beautiful villas receive them and pamper them.

One of the best ways to get an idea of what a destination is like is before getting there is with photos and webcams. Web cameras have the added benefit that they show action, the current weather and a less manipulated view of reality.

Cabo San Lucas Vacations has been online since 2005, a company run and owned by local business Proinco (Guadalajara-based) renews its webcam in Cabo, previously it had been located close to San Jose del Cabo, but recently in association with NoWorrys a new webcam has been installed on the top of the lighthouse located in the Cabo Marina. It’s harder to imagine a better place and to top things off, the web cam has a zoom option and offers automated views around the Marina.

Take a look around at: Cabo San Lucas Web Cam or a larger Webcam view

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