Mozilla Seabird revolutionary concept smartphone

Lately it is quite normal that different companies launch their latest take in the smartphone market, including Google’s Nexus One which they fervently denied before the event, recently even Facebook has been included in the next generation smartphone producers.

Now it is Mozilla Labs that shows its interest in this booming market and stuns us with a futuristic conceptual design in Mozilla Seabird, including features that will certainly stun many, including dual led projection, and many others, you can view the YouTube presentation in the video below.

Most features sound as if from a Sci-fi movie, though it’s just a concept at this point in time, but it offers a glimpse of what usability may become in the future and can be found in some current mobile devices but separately.

You can view the the features and the concept in the embedded video presentation from YouTube. Among the main features Android OS, detachable Bluetooth headset and remote control that works as a mouse, 8-megapixel camera, wireless charging and much more, enjoy:

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