More flights to Cancun

CANCUN – The supply of airline seats to Cancun will grow in the coming months, thanks to new added flights from airlines such as British Ariways, Funjet, FIFA and the Charter Airline Gol, stated the director of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau (OVC), Jesus Almaguer Salazar.

In this regard explained that British Airways will start operations from England on November 3, the Charter Airline Gol from South America and also Funjet charter flights will resume in December from major U.S. cities.

He added that COPA Airlines recently received authorization and will operate three flights daily from South America carrying up to 400 passengers a day with final destination in Cancun.

“The only way to raise the number of visitors and the hotel occupancy is by increasing the number of flights,” he added.

On the other hand he reported that Viagem magazine awarded Cancun, for the sixth time, the Best International Beach Destination award, a tourist destination that along with Riviera Maya, are consolidated as leaders in Caribbean tourism based on the number of visitors and hotel rooms available.

The director said that Cancun, together with the Riviera Maya, received more than 3.1 million tourists in the first half of last year and ranked as the leading travel destination in the Caribbean over the Dominican Republic, which received 1.9 million; Cuba with 1.3 million visitors, 945,000 that traveled to Jamaica and the Bahamas with 711 thousand tourists.

Among these six Caribbean destinations, with a supply of 231,000 rooms up until June, Cancun and Riviera Maya are the most active tourist beach vacation destinations with more than 70 thousand hotel rooms available compared to the Dominican Republic that has 66 thousand units.

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