Microsofts new version of Windows Phone

– Microsoft does not give up and wants to find a place in the mobile phone market, a market where its competitors Apple and Google have a large advantage. The Redmond-based giant announced the new version of Windows Phone in July that it hopes will win over users after the summer (probably in October), as announced by the company in the second day of its worldwide partner conference, held this week in Washington.

The new phone is “different, intelligent and very simple,” according to vice president business unit mobile Microsoft, Andrew Lees, and will enter the market through HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell, traditional allies of the company.

The breakthrough of the device is the way the browser integrates with Bing to improve the user experience in finding information on the Internet. “Windows 7 Phone has the intelligence of Bing,” said Lees.

During the presentation of the smartphone, with a design inspired by the successful iPhone, Augusto Valdez, responsible for the product, has shown the potential in the hands of the user to find entertainment options or useful information such as time schedules and potential delays of a plane flight.

Following current trends, Microsoft also has enhanced the development of user location in their new phones and animated maps are another attraction with which the multinational wants draw the attention of users, since the operating system has been devised for general consumer and professional business users.

Social networks, organizing contacts and calendar work or play on the phone have also been highlighted in this presentation and the ability to access XBox games from the smartphone.

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