Windows Phone 7 to be sold in November

– “Here it is: the Windows cellphone, a new type of phone, designed so it will always delightful and wonderfully mine”, emphasizing the way that users will be able to customize the user interface, as stated by Steve Ballmer in New York, CEO of the world’s leading software company, Microsoft, when presenting Windows Phone 7.

The market is currently dominated by Nokia running Symbian operating system, the iOS of the popular iPhone from Apple, Research In Motion’s on Blackberrys and the growing Android developed by Google.

To gain market share from them all and only one year after the last update of the mobile software, Microsoft has reached agreements with a number of manufacturers and more than sixty cellphone operators, which will help Windows Phone 7 appear in over thirty countries.

The U.S. premiere will be on November 8, the LG Quantum with Windows Phone 7 and “one of the best physical keyboards we’ve ever tested,” will go on sales, this system is aimed at users who mainly use mail mail via their smartphone, explained AT&T’s Mobile Director, Ralph de la Vega.

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