Mexico can’t be compared to Colombia: Obama

U.S. President rejected statements by Secretary of State Clinton on the drug trafficking situation in Mexico.

U.S. president, Barack Obama, corrected statements by his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, today, on Mexico’s current war on drugs can not really be compares to Colombia twenty years ago.

“Mexico has a large and growing democracy, with a growing economy and, therefore, comparing what is currently happening in Mexico with what happened in Colombia 20 years ago is not possible,” Obama said in an interview today to the Opinión newspaper correspondent, Antonieta Cadiz.

Just yesterday, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said that Mexico is looking increasingly like the Colombia of the 80s – “where drug traffickers came to control parts of the country” – and warned against the threat of a criminal organizations “that have joined forces” and have metamorphosed into a sort of insurgency in, not only Mexico, but also Central America.

“These drug cartels are now showing increasing levels of insurgency, with the sudden appearance of car bombs, where before none existed,” said Secretary of State while participating in a meeting of the Foreign Relations Council in Washington.

Along with President Obama, there are now three members of that administration that disagree with Secretary of State’s statements.

The first dissenting opinion came from Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Arturo Valenzuela, who distanced himself from statements by Clinton, considering that “what we are talking about (in Mexico) is an escalation of violence, but not the emergence of an insurgency with political overtones. ”

Almost at the same time as Valenzuela, the US drug czar, Gil Krelikowske, jumped into the controversy by stating that “I would be very cautious” in stating that the drug cartels are any sort of insurgency. “I would say there are concerns about the use of car bombs, but that can not be immediately and automatically turned into insurgency activities.”

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