Maldives regulates weddings to avoid tourist from being insulted or taunted

New Delhi .- The Maldives Islands Government announced today that it will soon regulate tourist weddings in the country, in order to avoid “taunts and insults,” such as those recently received by a Swiss couple during their wedding renewal ceremony.

The President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, said that his Government will implement a strict regulation in foreign marriage ceremonies carried out at hotels in this archipelago, one of the major tourist destinations in South Asia.

The announcement on radio and published by the Maldivian President on his website, comes a week after a video released on “YouTube” that shows taunts a Swiss couple received while renewing their wedding vows on the beach at a hotel.

In the video that displays the Swiss couple, surrounded by many Maldivians who participate in the ceremony and, after performing some rituals like drinking from a coconut, the ceremony host starts insulting them in a language that the couple can’t understand.

Pretending to read the legal code, the officiant states things like “fornication is now legal” and urges “practicing homosexual sex many, many times,” in the presence of the local spectators.

“Circumcision is not desirable at all (…), worms can come out of your penis,” the host continues, after which the smiling foreign partners, standing, exchange the respective rings without being aware of the insults.

The president lamented the “absolutely disgraceful performance” of the hotel workers where the incident occurred after the Government committed itself yesterday to open an investigation.

The resorts at this tourist destination often organize such wedding ceremonies for tourists, that flock in large numbers to the Maldives to enjoy their honeymoons.

Maldives, an archipelago of around 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean, has 350,000 inhabitants, mostly Muslims, and their main sources of income are fishing and tourism.

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