Luxury tourism loves Madrid

Madrid as a luxury tourist destination is booming. It offers the most current and “chic” Restaurants, fourteen of them with a Michelin star, the most luxurious and modern hotels, with more than 22 four and five stars hotels, shopping malls and prestigious traditional Spanish boutiques and international fashion, fine art museums, golf courses and famous monuments that attract ever more tourists with high purchasing power.

And what is this tourist profile? According to the Tourist Office in Madrid, the luxury customer profile is an executive of 30 to 40 years old, multilingual and with more than average knowledge of the place they are traveling to. The crisis has not affected them and they, on average have a budget of about €3,000 for just a few days, half of that is spent on the plane ticket as they fly business class.

“Customers can spend up to €50,000 on a two week honeymoon or on a journey that has a special purpose such as celebrating a birthday or a couple enjoying a trip together”.

Three years ago Turismo Madrid became part of Virtuoso, a group of premier travel agents and professionals, comprising over 300 members and over 6,000 travel agents that focus on luxury having a presence in over 22 countries in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. “Belonging to this consortium has allowed us to delve much more easily into the international luxury tourism market,” he says. “Madrid can say today that it’s a virtuous destination and that’s a guarantee of success and satisfaction for the luxury traveler.

Turismo Madrid latest achievement has been the announcement, made during the closing ceremony of the Travel Mart in Las Vegas, that the city of Madrid will be host of the next annual international Virtuoso symposium in May 2011. “This event will attract luxury travel agents and agencies to Madrid, allowing them to see first hand what Madrid has to offer”, explains Alarcó.

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