Larissa Riquelme, the World Cup’s girlfriend

– The Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme, known as the World Cup girlfriend, multiplied her contracts to pose for media and international magazines all over America, Europe and even Japan, as revealed in an interview Sunday.

“I’m getting calls from all over the place. It’s incredible. They treat me like a Hollywood actress with paparazzi waiting outside the airport. It’s like a dream and I love it!” Larissa told the newspaper ABC.

She admitted that it never crossed her mind that the World Cup in South Africa would open the doors of international markets without leaving Paraguay, this happened thanks to a photo of an international agency that captured her screaming heartily to a goal of her team in the debut against Italy in Cape Town.

The portrait of her unbridled celebration of the goal in the game where Paraguay ended 1-1 with Italy, wearing a white and red low-cut shirt and a cellphone between her breasts, with a flag behind her, traveled around the world.

On the idea of placing her cell phone between her breasts, she said it was something she would constantly criticize her mother for, telling her she’s suffer a heart stroke. But she said this is normal in Paraguay among women as a security strategy against the so-called “crazy horses” (as street thieves are called). “Sometimes it is safer to put the phone there than to keep it in your pocket or purse,” she said.

“If I am currently working abroad, it is thanks to technology. Without the internet I would not have voted ‘world cup’s girlfriend,” she said.

She noted that the first photo and video sessions contracts were Spanish, followed by the Brazilians, Peruvians, Argentines, Americans and French.

She revealed that she plans to travel to Korea and Japan and that she was called up to Serbia.

On Twitter, Larissa is the most followed in Paraguay with 39,000 people. On YouTube, the video “Larissa Riquelme? Please God let Paraguay win!!!” has more than 370,000 views, in addition to hundreds of other videos with all kinds of content on the model.

A song written by two English fans “Do not cry Larissa” had over 150,000 views.

A simple search on “SocialMention” shows that the search for Larissa Riquelme is one every three minutes.

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