Kinect, the ‘hands free’ video game

– After the Wii revolution, Microsoft goes one step further by allowing you to play without any control whatsoever.

Until a few weeks ago, fans were surprised by the virtual fun with Wii (Nintendo) and its revolutionary wireless controllers.

Now it’s time for the software giant Microsoft, which from early November will sell the Kinect, an accessory that allows Xbox 360 console users to play without any control in their hands.

“The player is in control, because the sensor (Kinect) recognizes all the body and facial movements and voice commands. While others put more accessories in your hands and on your body, we eliminate the last barrier between the user and the experiences,” says Bill Gates’ company.

The Kinect, which you can reserve in several retail chains in the country, is the biggest breakthrough of the entertainment industry in the last four years, and is expected the trail for all future developments in the video game market.

Initially, Microsoft will offer six games designed for the new technology. It is expected that not all titles will be viable with the Kinect control, this is an obvious limitation for motorsport games and other similar game options.

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