James Cameron has earned 350 million from Avatar

– Hollywood director James Cameron has added almost 350 million dollars to his bank account with his newest movie Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time, reported the website Deadline Hollywood.

This amount is a record in terms of filmmaker’s income for a single project.

The Super Production Avatar premiered on December 2009 and after several months on at the movies has raised more than 2,700 million dollars worldwide, nearly one billion more than the once queen of the box office, Titanic (1997), also by Cameron.

In addition to directing Avatar, Cameron was also writer and producer in the project and signed contract with Fox so he would receive a percentage of the revenue from ticket sales right from the premiere.

The film beat earning expectations established by the Studio both in cinemas and in Blu-ray and DVD sales.

Avatar will continue to earn money in a special edition re-release the film in late August and the release of Blu-ray 3D version.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Cameron received $97 million for Titanic, a film which will once again return to the big screen in April 2012 once it is converted to a 3D version.

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