Israel requests increased pressure on Iran

Israel launched an appeal on Saturday to “increase pressure on Iran to prevent it from acquiring a nuclear weapon”, after the launch of Iran’s first nuclear power plant for civilian use.

“Major powers should increase pressure on Iran to submit to international decisions and suspend its uranium enrichment activities and the production of heavy water,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry in a statement.

“It is inconceivable that a country that blatantly violates the resolutions of the Security Council and IAEA (..) can benefit from the use of nuclear energy,” added the text.

On Saturday Iran inaugurated its first nuclear power plant, calling it “a symbol of strength and determination” to the opposition of major powers on its nuclear program, suspected of concealing military objectives.

After more than three decades of interruptions and delays, engineers began loading 165 fuel rods into the reactor at Bushehr plant, announced the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization in a statement .

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