Iran tests new precision missile

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, announced that Irani armed forces tested a successful new surface-to-surface missile called Qiyámah-1 last Friday.

The test came a day before the opening of the new Iranian nuclear plant in the harbor city of Bushehr, in southern Iraq. In recent days there has been speculation that the plant could be attacked by Israel before it becomes operational.

“This project represents a major step in the development of missiles,” said Vahidi, who made the announcement during the traditional Friday prayer.

“The Qiyámah-1”, he said, “is designed and manufactured solely by local experts, and has a great precision in achieve its objective.”

Units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard  have already tested five new missiles during military exercises in the Persian Gulf last April, including several land-sea missiles and a sea-sea missle of local design.

The Persian Gulf forces in Irak have recently increased their military maneuvers. The basis fo this is speculation that Israel could carry out attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities if talks asking Iran to give up its nuclear program fail to succeed.

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