Iran presents new unmanned aircraft

Iran today unveiled a new drone prototype aircraft manufactured with local technology. The latest in a string of announcements related to military power ‘made in Iran.’

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, revealed the ‘drone’ with a group of military officers. The unmanned aircraft, known as ‘Karrar’, measures four feet long and can charge toward the goal charged with “large quantities of explosives”, states Fars news agency.

While giving the presentation, Ahmadinejad stated that Iran would seek the ability to carry out preemptive strikes against perceived threats, but admitted he would never attack first.

Earlier this week Iran conducted test launches of a ground-ground missile, which was considered an important step in their missile development projects stated the Ministry of Defense, reports DPA.

The Ministry also announced today that new test would be conducted soon with ‘Qiyámah-1’ type missiles. The aircraft ‘Karrar’ is the first long range ‘drone’. This presentation came a day after the Islamic Republic announced together with Russia that it has begun loading fuel to the reactors of the first Iranian nuclear power plant, the Bushehr.

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