International pressure stops Iranian stoning, for now

– After several years struggling to prove the innocence of his mother, accused of murder and adultery, her children and international pressure have succeeded in halting her execution.

In a surprising shift of attitude by the Iranian government this week, hopes have appeared and it seems all the objections and international pressure have prevented Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from being stones to death.

“The sentence for adultery has been detained and (her case) is being reviewed once more. The sentence for complicity in murder is still being processed,” stated the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast during an impromptu interview to Press TV. The news has been taken as a victory.

For some it hasn’t been considered this way. Sakineh two sons, Sajjad and Fardieh, have reacted to these statements with distrust.

“Because we have not received any official or legal document on the suspension of sentence and execution, we do not accept these statements. If the Islamic Republic is sincere, it must show some evidence,” said the letter signed by Sajad, a 22 year old who sells tickets for public buses, and who has become the great champion of his mother’s cause.

The family fears that these statements are only a smokescreen to divert international pressure and that they will later on apply the sentence. It is not the first time an Iranian official has announced the suspension of a stoning, and then once again brings the issue up and offer new evidence of guilt.

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