Ingrid Betancourt: French publish cartoons that mocks her captivity

– ‘Ingrid of the Jungle’ portrays the former hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, as an ambitious and selfish woman.

The cartoons were published in France on September 15, just six days before Ingrid launched her book in which she recounts her many months of captivity.

‘Ingrid of the Jungle’, is published by Fluide Glacial and satirizes Betancourt and calls Ingrid by the alias ‘Petancourt’. It also mocks Colombia, which they call ‘Colombin’, the guerrillas which are called ‘FARCE’ and the French leader who is called “Nicolas Sarko.”

In the comic book, Ingrid is portrayed as an ambitious and selfish woman, a hypocrite who bangs on her chest and is devoted to the virgin and the Pope, but behaves terribly with other hostages, whom she betrays and steals food rations from.

The book, by Serge Scotto, Eric Stoffel and Richard Di Martino, was written and drawn before Ingrid Betancourt submitted a claim of around eight million dollars suing the French State in compensation for her years in kidnapping.

In the story ‘Petancourt’ travels to a jungle, into an area controlled by the ‘FARCE’, having planned the kidnapping with her former lover, the bearded guerrilla ‘compañero Raúlo’, believing that this would help her win popular support and become the first female president of ‘Colombin’.

But ‘Petancourt’ did not take into account the guerrilla leader’s betrayal and is captured and held captive for six years. The cartoon also ridicules her escape attempts, with her only friend, called ‘Marcelo’.

This cartoon is very badly timed, now that Ingrid Betancourt has posted her million-dollar lawsuit against the state, together with the incident involving the Nobel Peace Prize, where her foundation reacted violently when informed that she had not won, together with some of her fellow captive’s versions, her public image has deteriorated considerably.

In fact, according to a IVAM Gallup poll, published last July, 80% of Colombians now have an unfavorable image of the former presidential candidate, who after leaving the jungle many had predicted would have a bright political future.

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