For Nintendo, Apple is a bigger threat than Microsoft

– Since its birth in the 80’s, the portable video game market has been totally dominated by one company: Nintendo. Sega, Neo-Geo and Sony, among others, have attempted to take the throne away from them, but Nintendo consoles have always emerged victorious.

Now a new threat to Mario’s company appears, and comes in the form of an apple from California. The company Steve Jobs has begun to venture into Nintendo’s turf via their iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) something that Reggie Fils-Aime has noted with concern.

According to the chairman of Nintendo of America in a statement to Forbes magazine, Apple is the new great threat to their company.

“Do I think Apple can do more harm in the short term than Microsoft? Absolutely”.

The success of video games on iOS systems is well known, but as Reggie said, Apple’s devices do not offer many complex experiences like Dragon Quest IX and The Legend of Zelda. Thanks to that and the arrival of the revolutionary technology 3DS, Nintendo will probably continue at the top of the portable videogame market for a few years.

For the good of NIntendo, let’s hope this situation continues in the medium and long term. Surely if Apple jumps completely into the portable video gaming market, this almost three decade reign could be in danger.

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