Finally Flash on iPhone, iPads and iOS in general, sort of

One of the biggest problems with Apple’s mobile devices is that they are not compatible with Adobe’s Flash player. Flash technology is the same that is used on millions of websites to generate a more dynamic experience, especially in video.

According to CNN about half of the online video content is only offered in Flash. Therefore, the Flash Player absence on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch has been a source of grief for many Apple iOS users.

From 9 am on Thursday, November 4, that pain is relieved a bit. After months of development, the company is ready to launch the Skyfire browser, which can play Flash content in a limited way for the modest sum of $ 2.99 dollars.

This does not mean that Adobe and Apple have finally settled their differences, it just means that someone finally found a way to circumvent the restrictions imposed by both companies. The solution was not simple.

Once the user chooses the Flash content they want to view, Skyfire downloads it but not to the iOS device but on to the company’s servers. Once downloaded the content or video is instantly converted to HTML 5, a technology that is compatible with Apple’s devices and is then sent back to the smartphone, cellphone or iPod so it can be displayed.

As the process is not in real-time, the constraints are enormous. It is not possible, for example, to play games that are in Flash. Actually, it is not possible to enjoy Flash content that is not a video. And even so not all Flash videos can be viewed using Skyfire, Hulu already stated they will not share their content to protect their business model.

So in the end, though iOS users can be happy to finally have an option for viewing Flash video, their celebration will be as limited as the Skyfire software.

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