Fidel Castro & experts review consequences of a nuclear war

– Former Cuban President Fidel Castro and Cuban scientists met to discuss the dangers and consequences of a nuclear war that is imminent if the U.S. chooses to attack Iran.

According to the Granma newspaper Wednesday (the official organ of the Cuban Communist Party) the meeting was held on Monday, and included Tomas Gutierrez, director of the Meteorology Institute, José Fidel Santana, President of the Nuclear Energy Agency, José Luis Navarro, head of the Armed Forces Ministry of Science and Technology, and his son, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, State Council Scientific Advisor.

Fidel Castro, 84, recovered after four years of convalescence, asked the scientist questions for two hours, analyzing the radioactive fallout area caused by a nuclear bomb explosion depending on their power.

“On this small planet just 100 bombs are enough to cause a nuclear winter. Sane people don’t do things like that,” said the former president.

Fidel Castro has asked the U.S. President, Barack Obama, not to attack Iran, something “not only the millionaires will thank him for, even Israel will be grateful,” he concluded.

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