FARC leader “Mono Jojoy” killed in Colombia

– During a breakfast with the board and members of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos read a prepared speech in English and answered questions from journalists. In his speech he referred to Colombia’s security situation, diplomatic relations and the economy.

“We were a failed state, we only controlled three quarters of the territory,” said Santos, who emphasized that the change “in the last ten years,” has been “incredible.”

After highlighting that his priority is social policy without neglecting the safety aspects, the President said “we are winning”, but stressed that “remains much to be done.”

During this break he also talked about the military operation that killed Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas also known by the alias “Mono Jojoy”. “It’s like having eliminated Osama bin Laden, this is how important it is,” said Santos.

The president also reported that in the guerrilla leader’s campsite military personnel found around 60 USBs and at least a dozen computers.

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