Facebook erases 20,000 accounts a day

Just as Facebook, one of the major social networks worldwide, adds many users every day it also loses a large amount daily.

The site said that removes 20,000 users every day. The main reason for this activity is that many of these users are under 13 years old, something that infringes Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Mozelle Thompson, who is responsible for the privacy on the site confirmed this at a congressional committee in Australia. “There are people who lie. Facebook removes 20,000 profiles daily from users below the age limit.”

To create a site account, you must meet certain conditions, for example in Spain, you should be at least 14 years old.

Moreover, those who are minors are required to close their profile so the information on it is not public.

In the United States an estimated 46% of those under 12 years have Facebook accounts. The company explained the mechanisms used to detect false registrations.

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