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Facebook denies plans to make its own mobile phone

- The social network Facebook stated it is looking for more presence in the mobile phone market, but denied a report that appeared on the web stating it had plans to build its own cell phone.

Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide and has already several applications for mobile phones that are linked to the company’s website. But James Schopflin, a company spokesman, said it is not a phone that is being manufactured. “Facebook’s projects today include deeper integration with manufacturers,” he added.

‘Our opinion is that almost all experiences would be better if they were social, so deeply integrating with existing platforms and their operating systems is a great way of making this happen’ Schopflin said in a statement.

A report published on Sunday on informed that an inside source revealed a project in which Facebook is developing secret phone software and working with another company building the hardware. stated that Facebook wants a deeper integration between the contact list and the basic functions in a mobile phone, something that can only be done through the operating system that controls each phone.

Facebook’s negative comes after Google Inc last year also dismissed media reports about it planning to build a cell phone, and later it launched the Nexus One smart-phone.