Colombia seeks international help fighting guerrillas

Colombia is engaged in a relentless offensive against leftist guerrillas in which it does not rule out cooperation agreements that allow more determined strikes, according to statements by Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera, on Sunday.

“This will be a relentless offensive with the support of the citizens and the international community until we obtain a final victory,” said Rivera to newspaper El Tiempo in Bogota.

The official admitted that “if we are not careful, we may face unpleasant surprises”, and therefore, he said, his heading the ministry is “to make the recent years of progress completely irreversible.”

Rivera referred to the military cooperation agreement with USA, which allows that country to use bases in Colombia for counter narcotics operations and that on Tuesday was rejected by Colombias Constitutional Court.

In this regard, he cautioned that while this agreement is an important reference point, “it is not our roof” and “let’s go find another one.”

“We are thinking of different instruments that will allow us a sort-of relaunch of the effectiveness, and of the strength against narco-terrorism, which includes very sophisticated cooperation, technological, and intelligence elements,” he explained.

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