Chavez to Obama: nuclear plant will not be used for military purposes

– Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday in Damascus that Venezuela’s nuclear reactor that will be built with Russian help “will be small” and will not have “military” purposes and criticized that the United States President, Barack Obama, would cast doubt on its intended purposes.

“It will be a tiny reactor and will not be for military purposes, but Obama has already begun, the day before yesterday he said that he expects Venezuela to fulfill its commitments, something nobody should doubt”, said Chavez at a press conference alongside President Bashar Al Asad.

“Venezuela has a right to develop peaceful nuclear power but also has an obligation … not to make weapons,” stated U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

“We have a policy that applies to all countries and expect them to obey these policies,” said Obama, referring to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Chávez recalled that Argentina and Brazil already have nuclear reactors. “Argentina has its reactors, Brazil has its own nuclear reactors. Venezuela was the first South American country to install one when I was born, but it was dismantled,” he said.

United States will remain vigilant of the agreements signed between Venezuela and Iran to see if these violate the sanctions in place against Tehran, stated Philip Crowley, State Department spokesman, on Thursday.

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