Bolivian president believes U.S. is behind the region’s coup attempts

– According to the Bolivian president, the only American country where a coup attempt has prospered was in Honduras.

“Since 2002 there have been four coup attempts, 2002 in Venezuela, Bolivia in 2008, Honduras in 2009 and now in Ecuador, but of the four coup attempts in three the Latin American citizens have defeated U.S. imperialism,” said Morales an interview with Bolivian state media.

In this case “(I’m) happy, very encouraged, (because) in the decade since 2002 to 2010 the citizens of Latin America have three times defeated the dictatorship prepared by the (George) Bush administration and now by (Barack) Obama,” said Morales.

Morales lamented that in Honduras there currently is “a president that resulted from the coup” and announced that the will not participate in the Summit of Heads of State in which the Mr. (Porfirio) Lobo will be present.

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown last year by a military-civil movement that called for elections in November 2009, which were won by Lobo.

The Bolivian president said that the coup in Honduras happened right when the country was to join ALBA, a regional mechanism that opposes the U.S. Free Trade Agreement.

“In the ALBA countries there are coup attempts, but there are none in Colombia, there will be none in Peru, these presidents, of course, are pro-imperialist, capitalist, free market, natural resource pawns, that’s why there will be no coups there, “Morales said.

He added that “(Hugo) Chavez, Morales, (Rafael) Correa, (Daniel) Ortega are all accused of being totalitarian dictators, we are not Democrats, but those are just U.S. State Department statements.”

The Bolivian president also accuses the United States of having encouraged last Thursday’s police uprising in Ecuador.

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