Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament starts in Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas – As previously announced, the offer to establish Los Cabos as sister city of the Japanese city of Ooarai was announced, a process that will take some time to materialize.

2010’s Bisbee’s 30th Fishing Tournament started off with a show of Saiko Japanese drums and the official ceremony which included the presence of Russian and Japanese team representatives.

The event was held at the Puerto Paraiso Plaza at 7 o’clock in the evening and brought together all members of the teams participating in this important and famous fishing tournament that will followed around the world.

The ceremony was also highlighted by a fireworks display that attracted a lot of tourists, local and national. The official spokesman, Clicério Mercado said the tournament will begin with the entry of 102 boats.

The official starting shot will be on Wednesday aboard the Sun Rider at 8 o’clock in the morning with a representative of the state authority.

This will start the three-day fishing tournament and the Bisbee’s Tournament awards ceremony will take place next Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010.

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