Arnold Schwarzenegger could return to the movies after finishing his term

LOS ANGELES .- Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding, movies and political star, faces his final days as governor of California without revealing what will be his next challenge, a new script for a movie styled life.

At 63 years, everything indicates that this Austrian-born American will reinvent himself to continue to expand his legacy, as long and colorful as his name.

Hollywood icon, Schwarzenegger embodies the essence of the American dream and, according to analysts, would make a good candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2012 were it not that the position is barred for all foreign-born citizens.

With that route eliminated, which would have led to change Sacramento for Washington DC as Ronald Reagan did in the previous decade of the 70s, the governor’s political career could find a space at a federal level, even within the current Barack Obama administration.

The star of “Terminator” is an unorthodox Republican able to raise taxes, married to Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy family, the clan’s most famous Democrat in U.S. history, and a landmark in the country in terms of fighting climate change.

Several U.S. media outlets insists that whatever he does in the future, Schwarzenegger will remain active as a spokesman for environmental causes and they speculate on the possibility of receiving some official position representing United States internationally in such matters.

Where work is not lacking is on the big screen and it’s anticipated that after seven years as governor hiding his muscles under a suit, Schwarzenegger will not miss a chance to resume his role as an actor.

Recently he appeared in a much-talked about cameo in “The Undefeated” with Sylvester Stallone and “reappeared” scanned in “Terminator Salvation” to add his face on his most famous character, the killing machine T-800.

Last year there were rumors on a project by filmmaker James Cameron, with whom Schwarzenegger worked with in “Terminator” and “True Lies”, that could have helped him return to Hollywood through the front door.

“When you are finished managing the world’s fifth largest economy it is likely he’ll return to acting. He loves it,” Cameron said of his friend the governor of California last December when he released “Avatar.”

Not surprisingly, Schwarzenegger has refused to completely separate political aspects from his art and in his Sacramento office he proudly displays the sword with which he shot “Conan the Barbarian”, a movie that in 1982 served as a springboard to stardom in cinema.

Schwarzenegger continues exercising at the gym to keep fit but in an interview with The Atlantic magazine expressed his general frustration with the fact that every time it is more complicated to keep his body in shape.

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