In case of a Cyberwar, 61% in favor of shutting off the internet

When confronted with a cyber attack, 61% believe the U.S. president should shut down parts of threatened network.

Who should have the power to shut down parts of the Internet? According to the Unisys Security’s recent index, 61% of U.S. citizens support a law that gives Barack Obama or the current president, the power to turn off Internet sectors as a means to control a cyber attack.

The results show that the public is more aware of terrorist attacks after Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran and the failed attempt on Times Square in New York.

The law, proposed by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, would give the government the authority to use the ‘Kill Switch’, a tool to turn off Internet sectors regardless of the damage caused in the event of an attack against the United States.

“A majority of Americans are willing to give the president authority to cut off access to the Internet and thereby protect both U.S. property and citizens, which suggests that people are taking cyberwar very seriously,” Patricia Titus, vice president and director of security at Unisys says in the report.

“Our survey shows that the American public recognizes the danger of a cyber attack and wants the federal government to take an active role in extending the nation’s cyber defense. Depending on officials of all branches of the federal government to respond to this call and take action at a moderate and well-planned level,” she adds.

The initiative has not gone down well in the private sector. To cut off access to the Internet, a lot of private companies must hand over operative control to the government. However, Joseph Lieberman has defended his bill saying that both the economic and national security are the priority.

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