3D Dance by Wim Wenders

– For German filmmaker Wim Wenders, 3D technology has him locked up and concentrated, not because he’s a fan of three dimension films, but because he is currently in postproduction of Pina, the first documentary shot in three-dimensional format, so viewers can be brought closer to the work of the German dancer Pina Bausch.

Although 25 years thought of making a tribute to the artist, he only received her approval last year to record some of her company’s, Tanztheater Wuppertal, practice sessions, considered one of the most revolutionary of modern dance troupes in the world.

Wenders’ risky choice will be released in theaters early next year.

The project was almost canceled due to Bausch’s surprise death due to cancer in 2009, when they were setting the shooting schedule. The news affected not only Wenders, who was about to cancel the project, but the dancers, who then persuaded the artist to proceed.

“Now, we are deeply committed to the film’s postproduction and prefer not to give many details until it is completed” stated, Heidi Frankl, Wenders’s personal assistant.

The caution is understandable, as the movie Pina has many producers around the world wondering how combining this revolutionary movie technique will benefit in capturing reality.

Recently, Wenders himself said the 3D technology will help show and foster appreciation of the art of Bausch and give prominence to the choreography.

“With this technique, the characters do not appear to be glued to the screen”, he said when announcing the end of the film shoots, which he also defined as a learning process.

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